Don’t let perfection prevent progress.

We all strive for perfection, otherwise we wouldn’t be doing what we’re doing. But there’s no denying, we’re fallible. We make mistakes. We’re human.

And that’s okay.

The nature of a small business means that mistakes can be fatal, so I say what I’m about to say within reason...

Just give it a go!

Big business tends to work on a 70:20:10 rule. 70% of your marketing budget goes into tried and tested, safe options. 20% goes into a new but relatively safe recommendation. And 10% of your budget is your wild card! It’s an experiment. It could flop... but it could also bring you valuable insight and a new way of thinking.

And it doesn’t just have to be your budget.

It’s thought that an Instagram post has a lifespan of 21 hours, Facebook just 5 hours and Twitter a mere 18 minutes. Frequency is key on social media so think of it more like a conversation with your customers. Very few people meticulously consider every word they speak, it tends to flow, to be natural. Test it, try it and get real time live feedback!

Keep up the momentum and critically, learn.

Confucius said, “better a diamond with a flaw than a pebble without.”

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