Get Emotional – emotions underpin success

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Emotions underpin success

Google ‘start a business’, and you get rational, practical responses. That’s useful. None of us can do it without at least a little reference material. But you won’t find any results on the emotional side of setting up a business. And I’m not talking about frustrated tears when your car breaks down before your big first client meeting or about waking up in a cold sweat at 2am because… well… what if it doesn’t work?!

If you speak to any successful small business owner, you’ll hear words like ‘confidence’, ‘enthusiasm’ and ‘excitement’. You’ll hear the words, and you’ll actually hear the excitement. You’ll actually hear enthusiasm. The confidence will come at you like a tidal wave. Emotions underpin success. They drive us, they frame our way of thinking and they bring us together.

And yet, most big business dismisses emotion. I can’t count the number of times I have been told to remove emotion, to care less, to fit in. Emotion is shunned. Expressing emotion is considered weakness. Would anybody take emotion into a boardroom?

But emotions are just as useful as any amount of knowledge. Used correctly and combined with information, you have a communicative genius. You have someone who can read the room, who can resolve conflict, who can motivate, persuade, inspire…

Whether that’s your customers, your colleagues or your employees, they need your emotion.

Embrace your emotions. Emotions underpin success.

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