In the end, the proof is the impact on sales, and we have had three very successful seasons, with many customers now booking direct through the website.”

Marcus Evans, La Merise Gite 

It has been an absolute pleasure to work with Charlotte from day one. Even with her limited knowledge of the wine industry, she has come up with numerous ideas to help grow my brand and her help with my newsletters has had my old customers reaching out to compliment their content.


I am very excited for the future of the business now I have Charlotte on board."

Owner, Jackson & Seddon

"When I started my business, Charlotte sensitively guided me through the marketing process, from the very beginning.  She helped me position the business, get it up and running, keep it promoted by targeting the right people, and provide a solid marketing base for the business to continue to thrive."

Owner, PMEvans.co.uk

We operate a small business in East Anglia and have been trading for 20 years with little direct advertising. We approached Charlotte with the idea of a website to help our customers use the shops. From the huge mass of information given to her, she very quickly understood how our business operates and suggested ways of reaching new customers. She built a hugely detailed, phone friendly website of great clarity which has been very well received by our customers. It has also attracted interest and praise from others in the same industry.  We are very grateful for such expertise, and working with someone with such drive, energy and humour was a great joy.  Customers now report a clearer understanding of our business, resulting in increased trade for us.”

Owners, mywashing.co.uk

The marketing channel that Charlotte suggested we use has seen our bookings soar year on year. We can't thank you enough.”

Owners, La Merise Gite

Her marketing knowledge, professionalism and enthusiasm gave me the confidence to promote and build my business to where it is today.  I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending her."

Owner, PMEvans.co.uk 

Thank you for making marketing super fun, for understanding my brand and what we are about and for listening to all my unpolished ideas then perfecting them in ways I never new was possible.”

Owner, Bespoke Hair Lounge